Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2014

ISSN Print :  2231-5683

ISSN Online :  2231-5691


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Emulgel: Review on Novel Approach to Topical Drug Delivery

Address:   Eswaraiah S.1*, Swetha K.1, Lohita M.2, P. Jaya Preethi3, B. Priyanka4, Kiran Kumar Reddy4
1Department of Pharmaceutics, 2Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis,
3Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 4Department of Pharmacognosy,
Sree Vidyanikethan College of Pharmacy, Sree Sainath Nagar, A. Rangampet, Tirupathi-517102 Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India
*Corresponding Author

A gel is colloid that is typically 99% by weight liquid. Gels are defined as a substantially dilute cross-linked system, which exhibits no flow when in the steady-state. A major limitation is in the delivery of hydrophobic drugs. To overcome the limitation a novel approach i.e. an emulsion based approach is being used so that even a hydrophobic moiety can enjoy the unique properties of gels. When gel and emulsion are used in combined form the dosage form are referred as emulgel. Emulgels have emerged as one of the most interesting topical delivery system as it has dual release control system i.e. gel and emulsion. The presence of a gelling agent in the water phase converts a classical emulsion into an emulgel. Emulgels for dermatological use have several favorable properties such as being thixotropic, greaseless, easily spreadable, easily removable, emollient, non staining, water-soluble, longer shelf life, bio-friendly, transparent and pleasing appearance. The use of emulgel can be extended in analgesics and antifungal drugs.
Emulgel, hydrophobic, topical drug delivery.
Eswaraiah S., Swetha K., Lohita M., P. Jaya Preethi, B. Priyanka, Kiran Kumar Reddy. Emulgel: Review on Novel Approach to Topical Drug Delivery. Asian J. Pharm. Res. 4(1): Jan.-Mar. 2014; Page 04-11.
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